Balcony Screens To Keep Your Home Cool

Balcozy screens makes your interiors cooler by cutting harsh sun light. Your home remains cooler throughout the day on top of that you get absolute day time privacy and ample airflow.

World's best selling     Upto 90% less heat     10 years warranty     Made in USA

Reasons why millions of customers rely on​ Phifer Exterior Screens​

Balcozy ​b​li​nds are so versatile it addresses a multitude of problems, from heat reduction to protecting your clothes from fading. No wonder then that we have a solid base of happy customers.

Keeps interiors cool

No one sees you

You see everything

Protects from excessive rain

Prevents birds from entering

Prevents Dust



₹ 179 /sq.ft
  • Great Value for money
  • Non-operative blind
  • Simple to fix & remove


₹ 369 /sq.ft
  • Heavy-duty Roller blind Mechanism
  • Elegant look
  • Easy to operate









Dark bronze






Heat Protection

Living in India, you know that heat is a huge problem when you buy curtains and blinds for your windows. For most Indians, the goal is to buy curtains and blinds that can block the sunlight and the heat that comes inside the house. You keep the curtains and blinds shut for most of the day, and you don’t get to enjoy the full spacious balcony space in your home which makes your home feel stuffy and hot. Going out in the balcony is a ‘NO WAY’ situation because they are like roasting ovens from all the heat. NO MORE!

Balcozy has a simple solution for your balcony heating problem. Balcozy offers balcony screens designed to cut off 80 percent heat and blocks harmful UV rays that come into your house. Our heavy-duty sun control balcony screen can reflect, absorb and even dissipate heat and light before it enters your homes. The result is spacious balcony space, 80 percent less heat and a cool house. That means less AC use and up to 32 percent off on your electricity bill.


Are balconies off-limits in your house? Can you not go out in your balcony because everyone can see you? That is the problem for most housewives in India. They have to stay at home all day and they have to stay inside the house. Even with spacious balcony space in your house, you cannot go out and relax because the whole world can see you.

Phifer wants you to enjoy your balcony space and that’s why we bring you balcony blinds that offer full privacy. You can hang these blinds on the edge of your balcony and we guarantee that no one from the outside can see what is going on in your balcony. You can turn your balcony into a gym, yoga place, even sleep there and the sturdy polyvinyl material of these blinds will block people from seeing inside your house.


We guarantee that no one can look inside your house. That does not mean that you cannot look outside and enjoy the view. We want you to enjoy the view from your balcony. We offer balcony blinds that allow you to see outside. The balcony blinds have been designed to dissipate light. That means that you get enough light in the balcony for you to see outside. It’s like a two-way mirror. You can see everything but no one can see you.

Physical barrier

Balcozy Balcony blinds act as a barrier for your balcony. Birds and pests are blocked from entering your balcony and keep out while you enjoy your balcony space without the tension of listening to birds all the time and pests and insects hopping around.

Rain resistant

Balcozy balcony blinds not only block the heat and the sun but also the rain. We know that the monsoon season is tough in India. Most of us wish that we never had balconies when we have to get the water out. Balcozy balcony blinds also keep the rain outside. That’s right! No more rainwater in your balconies.

Dust resistant

Balcozy Balcony Blinds is a shield in your balcony. It protects you from heat and rain and dust and pollution too. No harmful pollutants and dust come in your house when you have the Balcozy Balcony blinds. You and your family can breathe in clean air that is free of pollutants.

What our customers say

Balcozy has solved 3 problems for me - extreme heat, lack of privacy and insect menace.
AnuMoti Tiwari, Pondicherry

I installed Balcozy blinds all by myself, following the installation videos on the website. It is extremely easy to install and I am loving the effect.
Keki Bakshi, Pune

Balcozy not just reduces summer heat but also the chillness during winters.
Arun Panicker, Bangalore

I am happy with the product. It is just what I needed.
Venkat, Tirupati

I would recommend Balcozy to anyone who asks how to manage the heat in summer. Balcozy installed in my balcony keeps my home and living room cooler. Go for it.

Anil Chandrapu


I always feared of losing the beautiful view from my balcony if I put up balcony shades. But Balcozy to my amazement, cuts a lot of heat and still I have my view.



Wow! I am so impressed with these blinds and such a professional installation. Less heat and ample lighting. Total value for money.

Dorothy Johnson

Velachery, Chennai

Brands trust phifer


Green Guard

GREENGUARD Certification promises world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. Phifer was the first manufacturer to attain GREENGUARD certification for interior shading fabrics.


Phifer is the world’s only brand of shade fabrics to offer Microban protection. The product promises lifetime protection from bacteria, mould and mildew that can cause stains, odours and product deterioration.

Energy saving

Phifer's range of fabrics cuts heat, reducing the need for air-conditioning. By allowing diffused natural light in, Phifer makes artificial lighting unnecessary during the day.

Flame retardant

Balcozy Sun Control fabrics are flame retardant and meet highest flame certification standards based on national and local requirements.

MIF Certified

Phifer sun shading fabrics have been independently tested for their effectiveness in preventing sun damage to the skin and eyes as required by MIF standards.

Lead free

Phifer's entire line of Exterior Sun Control fabrics is lead-free, meeting and far exceeding several industry testing standards for hazardous materials.