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Phifer Balcozy screens are designed to reduce heat by up to 90% resulting in spacious balcony space and a cool home

Affordable     World's best selling     Made in USA     10 years warranty

Balcozy screens are sturdy polyvinyl coated polyester fabrics specifically designed for exteriors made in USA by world renowned brand Phifer USA. Balcozy offers full day time privacy while preserving your view and cuts up to 90% heat from sun.

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Our Story

Balcozy comes to you from the house of Phifer Inc, USA, world’s leading brand of solar screens and mosquito nets. Founded in 1952, Phifer has established its presence in over 120 countries.

Balcony Screens

Made from sun-control fabric, Balcozy screens reflect, absorb and disperse sunlight. Your interiors will remain cool, cozy and private, while the outside view is preserved. What’s more, you can create extra space in your house at a minimal cost.

Window screens

Dress up your windows aesthetically with Balcozy’s premium range of window screens. Available in a range of colours to match your decor, they provide a cool and pleasing ambience.

Our customers say

I would recommend Balcozy to anyone who asks how to manage the heat in summer. Balcozy installed in my balcony keeps my home and living room cooler. Go for it.

Anil Chandrapu


I always feared of losing the beautiful view from my balcony if I put up balcony shades. But Balcozy to my amazement, cuts a lot of heat and still I have my view.



Wow! I am so impressed with these blinds and such a professional installation. Less heat and ample lighting. Total value for money.

Dorothy Johnson

Velachery, Chennai

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