Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Balcozy is a unique product for balconies?
Balcozy balcony blinds are made with heavy duty shading fabrics manufactured in the USA by Phifer. Most of the blinds available in the market,  including bamboo blinds and PVC chick blinds are of inferior quality and cannot handle the heat or rain whereas Balcozy is designed to meet all weather conditions. Balcozy elevates your balcony’s ambience too.

2. Difference between Balcozy screens and other screens?

  • Balcozy screens are designed to reduce glare, heat, add privacy and provide aesthetics to your home.
  • Other products make your interiors dark, nightmare to clean, bulky, block your precious outside view and they are not germ resistant.

3. Apart from balconies, where else can this screens be used ?
Balcozy provides a wide range of solutions. Be it your home, workplace or any place that requires shading from sun, Balcozy can be fixed. We have installed balcozy blinds in home verandas, swimming pools, windows, pet-care area, roof-top gardening, open terrace, utility area, hotels, resorts, cafeterias and so on. For more information call our customer support.

4. What are the features of the fabric?

  • Keeps heat out, up to 90%
  • Protection from rain and pests
  • Offers privacy where needed
  • Excellent visibility
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Quality guarantee, with 10 year warranty

5. What is Balcozy Hook n lock ?
Hook and lock is a stationary blind which is easy to fix and remove according to your given measurements.

6. What is EZ Roll?
EZ Roll blinds have an extra feature of rolling blind mechanism which can be operated with ease. Also have an elegant look and adds to the ambience.

7. Can you send samples of the material?
Kindly click here to get Free sample of our ​fabric (By Paying Rs.99/- for shipping and handling alone ).

8. Do I have any choice of colours?
Yes, you do. We have aesthetic six colour palette which range from black , brown, grey, dark bronze, beige and stucco.

9. How does balcozy blinds provide privacy without spoiling the view?
The Balcozy Screens have been designed to protect you from the heat but they don’t disrupt the basic function of your windows and balconies. They have been manufactured using a see through material. The material is tough but convenient in a way that you can enjoy unhindered view from your windows and balconies.

10. How does the balcozy blind prevent fading of clothes?
As our fabric is heat resistant, it provides complete protection from harsh sunlight. So, you can dry your clothes on the balcony without exposing them to direct heat of the sun. This will prevent their colouring from fading and get them dry in time as well since it has the UV protecting feature.

11. How to measure the curtain size?

Measuring Instructions:
  • Take a small piece of double sided tape, stick it on both the ends of yourbalcony / windows where screens to be installed.
  • Measure the width between the two in millimeters using a measurement tape.
  • Some balconies may have smaller width at the bottom, so we need the measurements at the bottom also.
  • Now, which ever is smaller width, that is ideal for placing the order.
  • Measure the drop (height) in millimeters.

These are the basic steps in taking measurements. However, please feel free to call on doubts.

12. Is it safe for children and pets?
Yes. Infused into Phifer’s sun control fabrics during the manufacturing process, Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

13. What do you mean by Microban certified?
Through this certification, the product promises lifetime protection from bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

14. Will it be useful for Terrace?
Yes, Its ideal for Terrace gardening and shading.​

15. How to clean the fabric?

  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • With ordinary dust cleaner – occational dust can be cleaned.
  • With sponge and mild soap water wash can be used to wipe away the dust.
  • Vacuum cleaner can be used to suck away the dust from fabric.

16. How is Balcozy energy saving?
Phifer's range of fabrics cuts heat, reducing the need for air-conditioning. By allowing diffused natural light in, Phifer makes artificial lighting unnecessary during the day.​

17. Does it protect from rain water?
Indeed, Balcozy blinds significantly reduce entry of rainwater into your balcony.

18. How it protects from mosquitoes and other insects?
Mosquitoes and other insects can't enter through the fabric. We have Hook & Lock mechanism with screw model, for an effective control on mosquitos and insects.Kindly feel free to call us for more details.​

19. Can balcozy screens fitted for curved balconies?
Though we don't manufacture curved blinds, we have Hook & Lock method could be used for fitting into curved balconies also.​

20. If I want to place an order, what is my next step?
​ You can order Balcozy screens using one of the options below

  • Call our customer support at 9382808090 between 9.30am to 6.00pm
  • Submit a form on our website.
  • If you have measurement, goto “Customise & Buy “page to get an instant quote.
  • Walk into our Head office at :
    2B, SRIVARU COMPLEX, 1018, New no. 84, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600 040.

21. Can you ship the product to my state or location directly?
Yes, To know more details, Kindly call .​

22. What is the lead time from reception of my order? Or what is the time range between delivery of the product after ordering? And what is my estimated shipping time?
Since our products are custom-made, there is a manufacturing time associated with every order. After that,we usually ship in 7 working days. The shipping time will vary depending on how well-connected your area is with transport services.​

23. How do I install Balcozy Screens myself?
Yes, most of the customers are doing their own with their neighborhood carpenters and with our guidance, over phone, video clippings of step-by-step installation guide through mail and whats app. This will save installation charges and with a special discount of 5 % on your measurement and installation.​

24. What do I need to consider about the installation?
The following points are to be considered:

  • Proper tools must be used
  • Check if the wall is strong enough to drill in.
  • Call us in case of any doubts, we will be happy to help.

25. What kind of care to be taken after installation?
Cleaning of the fabric can be done with Ordinary dust cleaner or vacuum cleaner or mild soap water wash. After rain, the fabric should not be rolled up wet. It should be rolled up only when it is dry. The clamps and wire guide are to be wiped off with dry cloth.​

26. What does the warranty cover ?
The warranty covers all colors of SunTex® when properly handled for normal use as exterior System. Phifer guarantees that, when delivered to our customer, Phifer Sun Control Products will meet or exceed all of our specifications with regard to the configuration, dimension, strength and color. Phifer further guarantees that Phifer Sun Control Products will not become nonfunctional because of changes in physical properties due to exposure to normal atmospheric conditions. This warranty does not cover damage to screen from any source nor does it cover gradual fading.​

27. What are the safety measures to be taken for long life of the fabric?
The following points are to be noted for longer life of the product:​

  • Operate the screens gently.
  • Don’t use sharp knife or needles on the screens.
  • Roll the screen up when heavy winds or storms.
  • Balcozy is also Lead Free and GreenGuard certified which are sure to provide protection for your children and pets.