Reasons why millions of customers rely on​ ​ Phifer Exterior ​Screens​

Keeps interiors cool

Summers can make living spaces really annoying when the heat penetrates them. Balcozy Screens are designed to reflect, absorb and dissipate sunlight. The screen also protects against harmful UV rays and prevents up to 90% of heat to enter the living space. As a result, the interiors are kept cool. Moreover, this eliminates the need for excessive energy consumption that is often required to artificially keep the interiors cool under circumstances of extremely hot weather.

Privacy from neighbours

In many urban cities, homes are built close to each other. Often, many homes are built together to have a single wall. This creates an issue of privacy. Your neighbours may be great but it is natural to enjoy privacy. Balconies are also a source of problem as they provide an easy source for prying eyes to peek into your home. Balcozy is the perfect solution to this problem. You can hang the Balcozy screens on your balconies and prevent prying eyes to peek inside your home. Moreover, it allows you to use your balconies the way you want without interrupting your privacy. The screens don’t disrupt the view from the balcony and you can have a relaxing time as well without worrying about anyone trying to get a peek in.

Preserves your outside view

If you are worried that the Balcozy Screens are going to close off your view from the balcony, then you are stressing without any reason. The Balcozy Screens have been designed to protect you from the heat but they don’t disrupt the basic function of your windows and balconies. They have been manufactured using a see through material. The material is tough but convenient in a way that you can enjoy unhindered view from your windows and balconies.

Protects from excessive rain

Many people love to enjoy rains from their large windows and balconies. However, in many regions, especially those prone to the monsoon weather can experience the harsh rainy season. The rainwater can collect in the balconies of they are not protected against it. Balcozy Screens are a great solution against excessive rain water. They can withstand high pressure and keep the rain water out from the balconies. This not only means that you can keep your balconies from getting all messy during heavy rains but enjoy the weather without hassle. Balconies are often built to have relaxing leisure time when at home. People love to enjoy rainy weather, either alone, with friends or family. However, if the rain is pelting into the balcony, it loses its function and purpose. Balcozy Screens stand tough against the incoming weather while you enjoy the rain and the cool breeze.

Prevents fading of clothes

Besides from enjoying wonderful views, balconies are also used for drying clothes. This practice is very common in big cities. Many cities are saturated with high-rise apartment buildings. These buildings don’t often provide sufficient place for laundry or drying the clothes. Therefore, people are often limited to hanging the clothes on the railing where they can dry with exposure to warmth. It does the job but direct exposure to heat can fade the colours of the clothing in the long run. Cities are expensive to live in and it is not surprising that many clothes are expensive as well. Moreover, people living in the cities are more inclined towards wearing branded clothes so they are even more important to take care of. With Balcozy Screens, you can dry your clothes on the balcony without exposing them to direct heat of the sun. This will prevent their colouring from fading and get them dry in time as well.

Protects interiors

When heat and UV rays of the sun get into you house, they not only make them unnecessarily warmer but destroy the interior look as well. Heat can damage the paint and the furniture you have. Balcozy Screens keep the heat out and in turn, you can protect your walls from peeling paint and the material of your furniture, carpets or curtains remains undamaged.