Elegant window blinds and shades

The world’s bestselling brand in window shades and blinds, Phifer now brings Balcozy in India. Offering a variety of blinds and shades in over 100 colors and designs with 10 years warranty and amazing features to make your home looks amazing and stylish.

World's best selling     100+ colors     10 years warranty     Made in USA

Two range of fabrics to choose from


  • Elegant and classy shades and designs
  • 30+ shades to choose from
  • Suitable for both homes and office
  • 10 Years warranty


  • Designer shades and textures
  • 50+ shades to choose from
  • Suitable for both home and office
  • 10 Years warranty


Stylish Interior

Most interior designers will tell you that curtains brings the décor of the house together. You match your curtains with your sofas and carpets and they look nice. They also look heavy and stuffy, they take a lot of space and they get dirty.

Balcozy window screens are lightweight, they are easy to handle and they are available in a variety of colors and designs to match with your house décor. Balcozy window shades and blinds give your house a stylish and modern look.

Sunlight Control

People in India rely on their curtains for heat and light control. The curtains are the first shield against heat and light coming inside your house. At Phifer, we understand that you need to control just how much light and heat enters your house.

With adjustable window shades, you can control the amount of light that comes into your room, office or living room. The shades are available in over 100 shades that go with your house décor and help you control the light in your house.

Save Electricity bills

Balcozy offers you a simple solution for saving on your electricity bills. By buying and putting up Balcozy window shades and blinds, you can keep out the heat of the sun and the dangerous UV rays out. You can keep down the blinds and shades for the entire day or let some light in with adjustable window screens while keeping the heat out.

Keeping the heat out means a cool house in the summer. That means that you would not need to turn the AC on all the time during summers and save up to 32 percent on your electricity bills.

No one sees you

We offer shades and blinds that are designed to cover your windows and block any outsider from peeking inside your house. The blinds and shades we offer gives you protection of your privacy.

You see everything

Balcozy windows and shades are designed to stop the outsiders from looking in. That does not mean that you cannot look outside. Phifer makes sure that the Balcozy window screens and blinds are designed to give you full view of the outside world with adjustable height feature and grid adjustment.

Cuts noise from outside

Balcozy windows shades and blinds have been designed to cut out noise from the outside. The fabrics used in making these blinds and shades have been especially designed by Phifer in measurements ranging from .71 to .83 mm. The thickness of the fabric allows the blinds and shades to cut the outside noise as you relax in a peaceful environment in your house.  

Our Installations

Brands trust phifer


Green Guard

GREENGUARD Certification promises world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. Phifer was the first manufacturer to attain GREENGUARD certification for interior shading fabrics.


Phifer is the world’s only brand of shade fabrics to offer Microban protection. The product promises lifetime protection from bacteria, mould and mildew that can cause stains, odours and product deterioration.

Energy saving

Phifer's range of fabrics cuts heat, reducing the need for air-conditioning. By allowing diffused natural light in, Phifer makes artificial lighting unnecessary during the day.

Flame retardant

Balcozy Sun Control fabrics are flame retardant and meet highest flame certification standards based on national and local requirements.

MIF Certified

Phifer sun shading fabrics have been independently tested for their effectiveness in preventing sun damage to the skin and eyes as required by MIF standards.

Lead free

Phifer's entire line of Exterior Sun Control fabrics is lead-free, meeting and far exceeding several industry testing standards for hazardous materials.